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she is very good girl but having more negative thought how to change her

11 to 16 years

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Updated on Jun 21, 2017

she don't belive others quickly shout with others shouting loud when she was in fear stand like a rock when we scould her please tell me how to handle her &change her

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| Jun 21, 2017

hi Nithya Lakshmi! she is at a stage where love would work more than fear. scolding again and again would make her under confident and have low self-esteem. a time might come when she would no longer stand quiet and listen to you but she would retaliate and argue. she might get immune to scoldings and would stop listening to u. Nithya it's time u don the hat of a friend and see things from her perspective . she will soon attain her puberty and undergo many changes including hormonal, physical , social as well as emotional.. she would need your support . she would need a friend in whom she can confide . please connect better with her and try and understand her. if u do not agree with her , take her to a separate room , make her sit and talk politely rather than scolding her in front of sibling or other family members. also please focus on her strengths and remind her of those, so that she begins to feel good about herself. hope this helps!

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