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Shellfish for a 10 month old?


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Dec 19, 2012

Hi,   I was wondering if it is safe to give him prawns to my 10 month old son now or do I wait till he turns one. He eats eggs, chicken and fish but not shellfishes yet.   Please share your thoughts here fellow parents.   Thanks.

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| Dec 20, 2012

Thanks Swati. I never thought of checking for reactions by rubbing a prawn on him. This is a great idea. I will do that and watchout for any reactions. I will also give him some fish stock first. We all eat prawns without any reactions, and hope it will be the same for him, but dont want to take chances by directly feeding him some. Thanks for your tips :)

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| Dec 20, 2012

Hi! Anurima , My son loved eating fish ven when he was as old as 13 months , even he had started eating chicken and eggs when he was 7 months old but how i introduced him to fish was a bit tricky . i started him on fish first and that too just the fish stock ( water in which i boiled the fish ), the first time around i just gave him a spoon full and waited an entire day to make sure he wasn't allergic to fish. Then after 3 months i bought prawns ( i made sure they were super fresh and clean) then i just rubbed a raw prawn on his inner arm and waited for any kind of reaction ( it helped that i ate fish and prawn so i was hoping atleast genetics may help me ). I then gave him a spoonful of the prawn stock and then waited a day ... thankfully there were no reactions and that is how he started eating prawns ....now he is 5 and loves his garlic butter prawns and even eats crabs.. hope this helps... Also it would help if you did all this experimentation during the day time so incase of any emergency , you can get professional help.

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