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Updated on Jul 03, 2017

my son is shot temper he got angry on small things he talks very loudly how can I tell him with out louding his voice he can say everything

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| Jul 03, 2017

hi jaspreet. talk with your child how he gets angry. what is the role of brain in getting angry. what are emotions. speak a lot about human parts and behaviour. segregate good or bad behaviour. he will correct himself

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| Jul 03, 2017

hi Jaspreet Gandhi! how r u doing! yes i do comprehend how it feels, when despite your repeated reminders child doesn't speak gently. Jaspreet you need to take care of following things : one: make some rules and write them down in bold letters and paste on Child's room's door , make sure these rules apply to one and all.. these rules could be : check your tone before u speak. two check your pitch before u speak and three make sure each and every word that comes out of your mouth is well thought of and is not going to hurt anyone. reward the child and praise him for following it and if he doesn't let him face the consequences. also be a role model yourself and make sure u follow these rules yourself and speak politely. when feeling angry or annoyed with someone best would be to delay the talk and deal with the issue at a later stage and not right then and there . Jaspreet patience , persistent efforts and praise when both children behave well would work wonders. hope this helps!

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