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Should i change the school or not ?

7 to 11 years

Created by Sunita
Updated on Mar 20, 2014

Dear All,   I am very confused that i should change my son's school or not. My son who will now goin 2nd standard don't want to change the school. As he is having friends over there & comfortable there. I want to change the school because studies in another school is better. Should i go with my son's wish or i should decide for him. Please suggest.

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| Mar 28, 2014

Thank you so much Nitin,Sonal & Parnetune. Trying to make myself positive & hope for the best for my child.

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| Mar 25, 2014

Hi Sunita, first of all please relax. You must have changed his school because of some reasons & I am sure those must be in favor of your kid. Just trust your instinct, kids adjust really very fast far faster than us. So please don't worry he will enjoy the change & and its a new learning for him as well. He will make new friends, new teachers. He will groom to adapt a change & it will benefit him in long run. If you are positive about your decision you will be able to give him positive vibes. So be positive & start working towards it, repenting will only lead you to depression. All the best!

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| Mar 23, 2014

Parents pls. help me.

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| Mar 23, 2014

Thanks for your help Nitin. Perhaps i started late this discussion & i am late in getting in suggestion of others. I already took admission in other school. He is going from 4th April. I'm going through depression after taking admission 2 days back. I'm feeling guilty that i have done something wrong to my child for taking admission in school without his wish. At the same time i'm worried about my son. He will get adjust in new enviornment. Because of me he got separated from friends & enviornment in which he was comfortable. I'm worried about his self-esteem. Whether he will get punitive teachers or teachers who encourage him. As he is a sensitive,sincere child.

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| Mar 20, 2014

Hi Sunita! For a child, a school means his/her friends, surroundings, favourite things to do and so on. It is perhaps a difficult decision for him. I would suggest you to make your son part of the process of looking at the other school, going for a visit, meeting with children there, making some friends, exploring the cool features/benefits at the new school. This would help your son and you to take a decision together, rather than one of you deciding for it or against it.

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