Should I do exercise while m pregnant

Mannu Singh

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Jan 12, 2016

What exercise should I do while m pregnant n for how LONG, WHAT INTENSITY workout should I do

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Kavita Thaker

| Apr 18, 2016

U can do light exercise if ur are totally stay home person but in case ur work exercise will be too much also do wat u feel right now wat people say trust it capacity.

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Mubeen Ansari

| Apr 07, 2016

Dear friend now and throughout pregnancy u don't need any exercise. Just go for walking. Do ur household duties. It is OK. Enjoy ur pregnancy. Don't travel too much. go for outing. Feel free. any queries consult ur doc. Don't do or try anything on ur own. Have a safe Labour

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Priya Yadav

| Jan 17, 2016

Hey,you can do some kiegel exercises and tgey are actually good for you n your baby but please do consult your doctor first. Don't end up doing wrong exercise that might be harmful to both of you. Don't start anything without consulting your doctor.

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