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Shy at school

3 to 7 years

Created by Rajat
Updated on Dec 18, 2013

Hi parents,   My daughter is 5 and an active at home. Once she enters the school premises she hardly interacts with classmates. We have received notes several times from school as well. I am really worried about her. Can anyone please suggest how could i help my daughter?   Please help.    

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| Dec 18, 2013

Hi Rahul! It is perfectly normal for a child to behave so. Most children take time to open up. Sometimes children make picture of things in their mind such as teachers as scary, so they find it difficult to open up. Or they are shy by nature. Or it cud be as ANandana has mentioned that the child is uncomfortable due to some event that has happened in school. It is advisable to notice how does the child react when she has to go to school. Does she show her unwillingness or resentment in going to school? U cud seek help of teachers and discuss in details how they cud help her come out of her shell. U cud help her make her friend circle. It is advisable u cud talk to her and ask her what is that bothers her in a manner which is non threatening to the child. Please share with her how much fun it is to have friends .N how teachers love children who share their thoughts with them. U cud practice at home particular situations by doing role play say for example: u become the teacher and she will be the student. U cud ask her a q n motivate her to reply and on positive reply u cud appreciate her by applauding or praising her. This will give a boost to her confidence. U cud ask teachers too to motivate her and praise her. Hope this helps!

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| Dec 18, 2013

Rahul, i think you need to ask her if something has happened in school. This will take a while till she opens up. After school where does she go. If at day care then has something happened there. You will have to be extremely patient with her. Is any bullying happening or someone scolded her or anything else.

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