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Updated on May 01, 2017

My son is very shy in front of strangers???? He is six years old.

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| May 01, 2017

hi Sarabpreet ! how r u! I do understand your worries. some children are shy by nature. it takes lot of patience and persistent efforts on the part of caregivers to help their child come out of his shell. u could allow him to take decisions regarding himself to begin with and do praise him for doing so. let him speak his mind on the dinner table on certain common issues such as where to go for holidays, what activities to do during summer vacation, etc. again praise him for doing so. u could also look for his interest and strengths and let him join activity of his choice say dance, sports etc in the school as well let him participate in that activity, in competition, events organized in your society. Sarabpreet praise him , hug him often. he needs your love , care , attention , motivation as well as appreciation. this shall help u!

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