Sibling rivalry takes a nasty turn!

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Feb 25, 2016

Help! As a father of two sons who are just year apart, I am in quite a difficult position. The sibling rivalry between the brothers has started taking some nasty turns and my wife and I are unable to do anything to stop them. If we intervene we are termed as partial towards the other. Please help.

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| Feb 25, 2016

Hi Rajat, as parents I can understand it is difficult to see your children fighting with each other. However, what you and your wife can do to diffuse the tension is to narrate a funny incident from their past. This will get their attention and for time being they will forget their fight. Don't take sides at any cost and don't ever say that because the other one is younger the elder one should concede, because ideally they both are young.

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