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Sibling rivalry

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 09, 2018

My elder daughter hurts my younger son by pinching or beating him. we scold her or give her punishment. But All that is of no use... She repeats it again, we give her punishment... This has happened a routine now. On top of this my son who is 4yrs have understood that wen he complaints we respond. So it is now his duty, his sis just touches him, he starts crying..... how to tackle both of them. Daughter from hurting him and son from misusing his sister s innocence...

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| Feb 09, 2018

hi Smitha ! now that u have realized ur lil one is manipulating u ,just to get his ends meet, please if possible avoid reacting ..let them know ,u will not intervene and they should solve the matter amicably between themselves or both will be punished.. equally..

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