simple & innocent child. , but want her to be a self dependent & confident one by sending her to a hostel in Mumbai

11 to 16 years

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Updated on Jun 23, 2017

My daughter is of " yes mom" type & does whatever I say without questioning. she is very much attached to me & is very naive. I stay in a small city & want to send her to Mumbai for college. she has a cousin elder brother in Mumbai, but I want to make her stay in hostel & learn to be independent. But at times also worried about her safety because she is very simple & innocent .... what do I do?

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| Jun 23, 2017

hi Deepali Lodaya! really happy to read about your beautiful relationship with your child and would like to congratulate u for that. I appreciate your thoughts. I think this is that age when she would need you all the more . she needs a friend in whom she can confide. sending her away, could either make such a sensitive child alone and further​ retreat to her shell or independent depends on many factors such as her personality and ability to make adjustments, her confidence level as well as circumstances . u can make her soar high under your wings as well. make her stronger by giving her the freedom of choice and expression. allow her to take decisions regarding self. praise her and motivate her to be on her own. when she is lil more grown up and confident enough to manage alone, I believe u should wait till that time. dont push and take time to take such an important decision. if possible wait till she is ready herself to take on from there .hope this helps!

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