single mother problem

3 to 7 years

Created by Neha Soni Bhardwaj
Updated on Nov 25, 2016

hi! my frnd is a single mother with 6 yr old daughter. . her daughter is very stubborn and not much sincere as compared to the other kids of her age.... kindly suggest how to tackle her

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| Nov 25, 2016

hi Neha Soni Bhardwaj! I appreciate your concerns for your friend! Neha a 6 year old understands that she has a blank space in her family picture. probably that hurts her but what could be hurting her the most is to see other members unable to adjust to this change. the sooner her mother and other members would accept that it has happened and finally they have to move on and live with it for the good of the whole family, the better it would be for everyone. let this feeling sink in, once in forever that now they have to be independent and take it in their stride. don't let that frustration and anger overpower them, and live life comfortably. seeing her spring back to normalcy may bring a change in child's behavior. hug her, love her , talk to her and let her be proud of her mother to carry on so dauntlessly even in difficult times. let the past be your strength and rather than regretting it. it had to happen to make her a strong woman that she is today. please motivate her and be by her side! u r already doing a great job to her Neha! keep it up! tkcare!hugs to u and your friend!

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| Nov 25, 2016

Hi Neha, Ask your friend to not to be too harsh on her daughter. She is at a stage where she might feel that she is different from other children, with the absence of father figure. So your friend needs to sit down with her daughter and talk to her and share her concerns with her. A six-year-old child is old enough to understand if spoken with politely.

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