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Skipping breakfast

3 to 7 years

Created by Nikita
Updated on Jan 28, 2014

Hi all, My son is 5 years old. I am worried as he does not eat breakfast. Whenever i give him milk and something to eat in the morning before he goes to school, he avoids having anything saying that he is feeling pukish. I am afraid that he is losing both on nutrition and healthy eating habits. Please suggest.

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| Jan 31, 2014

Dear Carol, I have stopped giving Pediasure to my child at the age of 3 years. She is almost 5 now. She was an extremely fussy eater but once she started to eat reasonably well, we stopped pediasure and switched to chocolate powder (like bournvita). Unfortunately she hasnt yet developed the appetite for breakfast. I hope there will be a change with time.

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| Jan 30, 2014

@ Carol... I hv heard same feedback about pediasure. You can give pediasure after dinner.

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| Jan 29, 2014

Hi dear Nikita! It is not uncommon for children to avoid breakfast. Sometimes we as adults also can't have anything during early morning hours. It is advisable u cud start with milk as it is a wholesome diet and filling too . U cud add his favorite health drink powder to it. Start with half a cup. Do not force as it will cause further aversion. If child is not comfortable u cud give him his favorite biscuits, etc. u cud pack two lunch boxes one of which carries handy food such as a fruit, cake , salad etc. or anything he likes which he can have before lunch break in the bus or at school in case he feels hungry. N one which is heavy n healthy too. Slowly start with things he likes once he gets over this pukish feeling u can give him what u prefer.

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| Jan 28, 2014

I had posted a talk on this earlier. Here is the link and some solutions offered by fellow parents. You may find something here :)

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| Jan 28, 2014

Oh my God Nikita, I have the same issue with my daughter. She will be 5 years in March. She doesnt eat breakfast too. She only drinks a glass of milk and nothing to eat. If I force her she throws up. Even after the milk, she says she is pukish. I havent found a solution to this and am continuing this way. Only on holidays she has a light breakfast but not on weekdays. Is your son eating his other meals normally? Please let me know if you find a cause to this or a solution. Breakfast is the most important meal and if we continue this way, our children will not have the habit of eating breakfast at all :(

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