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Updated on May 09, 2018

My son is 19mo. We have just come back from a holiday and he is a little jet lagged and so is sleeping early these days (something I'm very happy about). He goes to sleep around 9pm. But, he wakes up around 3am. He nurses to sleep, so at that stage I give him feed, and usually, he used to fall back asleep. These days he is unable to. He is clearly sleepy still, he remains inactive. Tries hard to go back to sleep, but is fidgety.   Last night was the third consecutive night when this happened, we were up 5 hrs.   Other than this he is his usual self, active, eating well and giggly during the day. He has been rubbing his nose a little, but it doesn't seem to be blocked.   What could be the problem? What can I do (other than factoring in that I will be awake 4-5hrs every night till the phase passes over)?  Oh, and the same thing happened for a week continuously before we went for that holiday. But at that time, he did get a cold and runny nose. During the holiday, he was fine.

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