sleep problem in 1. 5 months old baby

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Updated on Oct 08, 2018

hello my baby 1. 5 months old she hardly sleeps especially in day time .Like she sleeps for 30 mins den c is awake for hour or two. Is dis normal?? And at nite c always wake up for milk in evey two hour and c take again take hr to sleep

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| Oct 08, 2018

I think it’s normal because my 7 month old baby sleeps like this from his birth

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| Oct 09, 2018

my 4 week old doing this for first 3 weeks of her life. Then from the past week I started to putting her on diapers for the night. Now she sleeps for 3 to 4 hours stretch at night... then wakes up and feed for at least 30 minutes... then fall asleep again... :)

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