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Updated on Dec 15, 2015

Wellness Corner I have a 5 month old daughter, if she feels very sleepy she throws a big tantrum and she doesn't like 2 stay in our arms or on bed no where Im really worried other babies of her age sleep very quietly when they feel sleepy but why does my child throw such a big show before sleeping.

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| Dec 15, 2015

Hi Sonia It's frustrating and tiring when every nap is a struggle. Isn't it? Not all babies sleep quietly on their own. It depends on their temperament, activity levels and general sleep patterns and habits. Babies refuse to sleep either because they are too tired or because they feel they will miss out on playtime. Few ways to improve this situation are 1) Try to maintain a schedule each day of when baby wakes up, feeds, plays, sleeps. This will help the baby to learn what to expect and it becomes a habit after few days. Unlike adults babies love routine. 2) Notice the signs of tiredness early and make the baby sleep before she becomes overtired. 3) Have a routine before each nap like diaper change, singing a specific song, reading a book. Also you can have a nap buddy toy. Give that toy only when baby is supposed to sleep. She will soon come to know that it is sleep time when these things are done. 4) Reduce the noise, light and stimulation around bedtime. Speak in low volume and avoid any screen time like TV or mobile. This helps the baby to wind down and get ready to sleep. Above all, be patient. Over time, babies will form their own schedule and ease these difficulties. Hope this helps!

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