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Updated on Feb 08, 2018

My son is 8 month for old. During day, he sleeps only for 2 day (afternoon 2-4 pm) and directly at night 11. 30 -9 clock. 1. He sleeps very less 2. At night he wakes up for 4-5 times out of which 3 time for dream feed and otherwise 2 times I hv just hold him in my arms. I am really worried for him and it is even stressful for me due to lack of sleep. Please suggest how do I stop him from waking up so many time at night and for only 1 nap in day.

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| Feb 08, 2018

hi kruti Kruti Mehta ! try and wake him up around 7 am and afternoon nap around 1. 30 till 2. 30 -3 pm.. so that he sleeps at night by 9 pm.. that would give him a sound sleep.. when he wakes up in between give him a sip of water and make him sleep. here is a blog u would find useful!Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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