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Oct 10, 2013

Hi all My daughter is two months old and doesn't sleep at night- she sleeps in the day as though it's night. Please advise if there is anyway to change her sleep patter to match ours. Thanks Ritu

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| Oct 12, 2013

Thanks anurima n shikha

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| Oct 10, 2013

Dear Ritu. You baby will automatically form her own routine around the time she is 4-5 months. I also repeat what Shikha has said. But it is also important to let your baby sleep when she needs to. You could take naps during the day to catch up on your sleep. Hang in there Ritu, things will fall into place soon.

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 10, 2013

Hi dear RItu! 2 months is the right time to help ur baby change sleep habits. This can be done by involving urself completely with the baby during day time. Talking to the baby, playing with him, taking him to the park, singing rhymes for him. U can open the doors,allow fresh air n light to creep in the room or use bright light to keep the baby awake during day time. Generally babies sleep after every feed but try to keep them awake. 8 hours maximum sleep after gaps during day time is advisable so that the child can sleep for 8-9 hours at night. But some children take time to get into routine. Infants stomach is too small so they feel hungry after every few hrs but as they grow they take large feeds so tend to feel less hungry after every few hours n tend to sleep longer. So as ur child grows she will on her own tend to get into routine though u can try this method for sometime. Hope this helps! -

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