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Updated on Jun 17, 2017

my 1 yr 3 months daughter started a new habit of sucking her lower lips. this made her stop breast feed and during night she started sleeping with that lip sucking .she stopped demanding feed in night .earlier she demaded 2-3 times my feed. usually I wake her up and feed by small steel glass because she never agreed on bottle. shud I wake her up from her sleep for feeding or not. she sucks her lips and gets satisfied and sleeps again. what shud I do

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| Jun 17, 2017

Dear Abha, l may be wrong. .but it is impossible for a child to sleep peacefully for a long time if her stomach is really empty. My son's pediatrician told me that after a filling dinner with solid food if a child drinks milk 2 to 3 times at night... it is not hunger.. it is addition to milk. MY SON IS LIKE THAT... HE DRINKS MILK TWICE AFTER THE DINNER. Children like sucking. may be that your baby doing it for a feel good factor. Don't disturb her sleep... she will be cranky in the morning. Try to give her a good filling but easy digestive dinner. lt is my personal opinion, please consider fellow parents advice.

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