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Created by Nandita
Updated on Jun 28, 2017

my son is 4yrs old. he is having habit of sleeping late in night after watching TV. he is in this habit since childhood. I try to engage him in reading stories from story book. but he is not interested. how to shift his attention from TV. bcos if I will not allow him to watch TV then he becomes aggressive n starts crying. actually his grandparents are awake til late in night so he watch TV wid them. how to handle this also??

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| Jun 28, 2017

hi happy to get in ur view. my son 8yrs old has problem with food. he doesn't like to eat. he is very thin. if I feed him he will eat. but if I say eat by self then not even 1 chapati . wt to do

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| Jun 28, 2017

hi dear Nandita this is my expetience with my son. when i felt like he should be involved with books i always take him along with me to buy his story books. I always see where his interest lies. for eg. my son is 3. 6 he loves animals farm animals stories around them like what they eat and how they sleep etc aimilary few stories around animals like panchatantra. similary find out your sons interests and involve him in chosing his own books ans then have the converstaion at the book shop such as how you both would read this particular book during bed time and create interest around that. Not necessarily stories.. for eg my son like books about cars modes of transport and traffic signals. so we can talk anything and everything around what is more attractive for them.. Rather than what we think is more interesting to them. above all we can always request grand parents at home to be cooperate you atleast till your son enters bedroom to not watch their tv shows. hope this helps.. Happy reading

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