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Created by Neha
Updated on Jan 15, 2014

Hello fellow parents,My son is 8 months now. He sleeps in the morning and is super active during night please guide me how I could make him change his sleeping pattern

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| Jan 16, 2014

Dear Neha, you may try to change your baby's schedule but it could be a task as he is only 8 months old. As Anandana suggested, take it slow. I would stress on following a proper bed time routine to help him feel calm and settled for sleep. It is a good age to teach your baby to self soothe, that is, fall asleep on his own. You may leave him in his cot when slightly sleep but still awake. Stroke him, say goodnight and leave. You may need to comfort him if he cries, but try not to run to him each time he lets out a cry. At 8 months they know more than we think they know ;)

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| Jan 16, 2014

Hi. Give him no sleep during afternoon. Cut it down slowly. If he sleeps 2 hrs make him sleep 1 hr and then half hour and so on. Play with him. read to him. This will take a week or so, until he gets into the night sleeping habit. Bear with the child as he has a habit and will take a while to change that. He might be irritable but you be patient. If you llike my comment do like my photo as well. thanks. Let me know

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