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Sleeping in his Room

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Updated on Dec 05, 2015

My son is 8 years Old and he don't want to sleep in his separate room. He wants to sleep with us. Pls suggest.

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| Dec 24, 2015

Hi, I've been facing same issue. I ask my child to sleep with grand parents as I don't have seperate room for him. Please suggest.

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| Dec 12, 2015

Hi Dilpreet! How r u? Since Agam has been sleeping with his parents since birth, It might take some time to get him rid of this habit. If u have a separate room for the child ,u could even get it painted with his favorite color .Involve him in designing his study table or buying a lamp for it or a bunker bed or Almirah if there is a need. Slowly shift his belongings to that room say his clothes, books, toys,according to his choice and decorate the room with posters, his art work,and cartoon characters of his choice with his help. Say within a week's time shift him to his room once it is ready. The more he would be involved, the easier it would be for him to adjust. Also u could frequently visit his room just in order to ensure him, u r with him. Children take time to move away from the niche they have been comfortable in under their parents protection just like birds. Make this transition smooth for him and watch him take a free ride. hope this helps!

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