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sleeping pattern of 3mnt old baby

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Created by Rakhi Majumdar
Updated on Feb 08, 2017

I wish to know about the sleeping pattern of 3 mnt old baby. he sleeps mostly during day time and has shown a sleep deprivation during night. do I need to keep him awake on the day time, so that he can sleep at night. plz suggest

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| Feb 08, 2017

hey, thanks dear.... for your response. he wakes up in between for around one hour or so, thn I feed him, or sometimes in between his sleep.

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| Feb 08, 2017

There is no set sleep pattern of a baby. Some sleep through the day and stay awake at night. if you will keep the baby awake in the day he might get cranky and irritated. Also, how are you feeding the baby through the day if he is sleeping.

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