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Created by Varsha Kesarwani
Updated on Dec 28, 2012

Hi all, I am new to use this site and found very useful for the parent to handle their child. I have 8 months old son. My son wakes up many times in night, I am not getting what is the reason. Please help me out with your opinion to handle this situation.

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| Dec 31, 2012

No, he hasn't till now. But he doesn't drink milk properly. Wish he doesn't have any problem in teething. I will check whether he has any teething symptoms. Thanks Arunima for your suggestion.

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| Dec 30, 2012

Has your son got his first tooth already? This sudden change may be due to teething or a growth spurt, which is making him hungry. He may go back to his earlier schedule soon. I hope the link I had provided earlier helped.

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| Dec 28, 2012

Hi Aashna, Thanks for reply. Actually he was waking up only once or twice for milk and after I feed him he used to sleep properly but I don't know why he is waking up after every now and then. When I take him on my lap then he sleeps and wakes immediately I lie him on bed. Even in day hrs also he does n't sleep more than 1/2 and hour.

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| Dec 28, 2012

Hi Varsha. Welcome to Parentune :) Has your son suddenly started waking up and he has been sleeping well before this? Does he cry? How do you console him? There was a talk raised by a parent on a similar issue a few days back. I am providing with the link to the talk. Hope you will find your answer there. The link is

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