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Updated on Jul 26, 2013

Hi,I've got a 17mons old and ever since her dad has started taking her to bed, she won't go to sleep for me! I mean I've been doing it for a yr and a half & had no problems!! It'll take him 20 mins & for me it's 1. 5 hr everytime now & even day time naps are becoming a problem. none of my old ways works-rocking her,gentle patting,me leaving the room etc. i can't leave her crying for long, as she gets breathless. dont think she understands when I scold her,she'll just start smiling & giggling!!her bed time is the same, It's just so frustrating now, think I' loose my sanity soon!!so please,any suggestions are welcome!!thanks.

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| Jul 26, 2013

Hi Nikki! I know it is very frustrating when the child does not sleep. I believe u again need to start building rapport with ur child. It is suggested that u cud try reading out picture books to ur child. Children also love sTories related to day to day life about real people like mum dad etc or u cud play some physically tiring activity like hide and seek, peekaboo, etc . One cud also try putting light music in room , with curtains on. U cud try doing round n round in child's palm with ur finger. Children find it comforting. Sleep should sound like a happy activity n not a compulsive one. the important thing is ur efforts to make ur child sleep should not reflect on face.

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| Jul 30, 2013

Dear Nikki. Has there been a break in her sleeping habit, like a vacation or relatives visiting? Subtle changes could make routines such as this go for a toss. You could try by following the same routine as you did. If she doesn't settle down, you may leave the room and return after 5 mins. After 5 mins you may tell her that it is time to sleep, give her a kiss,hug and leave. Try not to carry her or take her out of the bed. Make each visit after a gap of 5 mins, then 10, then 15 and leave it at that. This worked with my child and it took about two weeks for her to fall asleep by herself. This is called training by controlled crying and works for more children. It could come across as a harsh way of putting your child to sleep, but this method does not have any negative effect on a child. The key is following through and being persistent. Hope this helps.

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