sleeping problems

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Created by Yusra Khan
Updated on Feb 05, 2017

sleeping problems...... my son is 11 months old not sleeping properly night plzz suggest some tips .....

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| Feb 07, 2017

thnx a lot... for your wonderful suggesstions

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| Feb 06, 2017

hi there.. altogether baby sleeps for 12-14 hrs a day ..if he is taking long afternoon naps ...then he would not be able to sleep properly at night... and do some fun filled activities before sleeping as he gets tired only then he will be able to sleep better and u can try gentle massage also before sleeping cause sometimes there body aches due to all day activities ....but he will get up at night for water or to ask for your comfort.... otherwise if cranky and cries a lot plz consult paediatric... hope this helpa

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| Feb 06, 2017

yushra, your baby is only 11 months of age don't expect him to sleep for whole night at one go, it's but obvious he will wake up at night for feeding or for water. children as grows their sleep pattern also changes along.

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| Feb 05, 2017

Hi Yusra! your Child should sleep at least 12 hrs a day. be watch full about sleep . If your baby sleeps too long in day time then he will not sleep properly at night. Also check whether he is hungry or not. If a babies tummy is properly full then he sleeps well.

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