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Updated on Apr 27, 2017

Hi, My daughter is in 2nd class, her age is 6 yrs 7 months. She is not completing her work on time. Daily she is getting negative comments ie slow writer and talkative girl. please give me some solutions for the same.

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| Apr 27, 2017

hi Vidhya! I understand your concerns! please talk to her teacher and share your concerns with her. tell her negative comments demotivate her so if she could just write a note in pencil just to complete her work, that would be great. meanwhile at home u could make your child write one page everyday in her favourite diary with her favorite pencil. give her 20 minutes to write and if she finishes one page in 20 minutes , give her a smiley.. gradually decrease time allotted to her to 15 minutes and so on. make sure her handwriting is good. the more the praise and positive feedback, the better the result. I am sure with 3P's practice,praise and patience she would come around soon. hope this will help u!

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