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snacking on junk food while watching TV

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Updated on Jun 18, 2012

 snacking on junk food while watching TV encourages unhealthy eating habits in kids The more TV kids watched, the more unhealthy food they ate. The problem is deeper than kids over-snacking out of boredom while sitting in front of the TV or computer. TV watching can set kids up for a deeper pattern of poor eating habits. When combined with lack of physical activity, this can cause obesity and serious health issues including type 2 diabetes, heart problems and sleep disorders.  

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| Nov 06, 2012

So true. We see our kids developing some habits but only when they become habits do we take notice.. by that time they have become conditioned. Great input by Ms. Sodhi. I do that even while we are going out. I have him eat something at home before we leave, so this cuts down on one serving of junk food - if we are going out for long. Otherwise they simply want to grab a pack of wafers and parents end up obliging. And then we can guiltlessly enjoy the pizza party.

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| Aug 24, 2012

Kids eat mindlessly while watching TV & this becomes a pattern hard to break if we as parents don't intervene in time because the child gets conditioned to reach out for junk the moment she/he puts on TV everyday.... What worked in my child's case was- firstly, I cleared my kitchen cabinet of all junk and secondly, started giving him a healthy snack just before his TV time so that he lost the craving for junk at that particular time....

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| Jun 19, 2012


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| Jun 19, 2012

I definitely agree with this ...all it takes is a little bit of discipline on the parents part and the kids end up getting the right impression on what is good for them and what is not ... we need to lead by example .....

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