Soap for my daughter

1 to 3 years

Created by Samidha Mathur
Updated on Jul 20, 2018

The soap, which my daughter uses, does not have enough moisture in it, It is making my daughter's skin dry and itchy! Which other brands can be used for making her skin soft and smooth again?

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| Jul 23, 2018

Hey Samidha, try using some gentle body wash for her. Stick to the brand which suits your baby or if you are planning to buy new then go for a trial size packs. There are plenty of brands available in the market, go by the one which suits your baby :)

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| Jul 20, 2018

Habituate to oil massage kids as often as possible before bath..... I really like new mamaeaeth for its naturally rich fragrance.... or chiccco..

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| Jul 20, 2018

hi Samidha Mathur !u could try some good brands on her hands first and if it suits ur child, u can comfortably use it on whole body.. here is a blog u would find useful.

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