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Social Communication and mingling with other kids !!

3 to 7 years

Created by Swathi Sriram
Updated on Apr 21, 2016

Hello everyone, My four year old is quite intelligent, loves reading books a lot but has problem with speaking to his age group kids and elders. He would answer a question asked to him but doesn't want to make eye contact. He also throws anger tantrums because of this. Please help.

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| Apr 22, 2016

Thanks Shikha Ji... We always make sure that he feels included in get togethers we take him too. And I personally don't compare him with other kids... I feel he is capable of communicating but doesn't want to. We take him to parks and other outdoor activities on a regular basis. I will also consider the points which you have brought forward Shikha Ji. Hoping the best for my little one . Swathi

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| Apr 22, 2016

Hi Swathi Sriram! Some children are shy by nature . it's part of their personality and there is nothing wrong with them. It's just that they are happy in their personal space and when someone tries to enter it,they feel uncomfortable and sometimes react with anger and frustration. They feel people are judging them. They would read books or indulge in solitary play or would love to be in their own small world sometimes inside their homes. They wouldn't want to go out and have one or two friends whom they would interact with. It is advisable to make sure u give them enough opportunities to interact with age mates, elders by taking them to park, birthday parties, family get togethers, organize play dates. Have mock drills at home and do rolé plays how to greet,make an eye contact and continue with a conversation. How to make friends. May be he would need help initially. Help him build the conversation with his friend. Help him open up by saying ' u know (friend's name) he loves to draw/ write / etc. Tell your child why don't u show him some of his work. So motivate him by praising him that will give a boost to his confidence. Don't force him or comapre him with other kids , embarrass him or scold him as that can make him further retreat to his shell. Just praise him and take baby steps in helping him get rid of his inhibitions. Hope this helps!

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