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Updated on Mar 19, 2020

my son these days is too much into in making tiktok videos. he is also on other social sites and always keeps on checking his account to look for number of likes ,follows etc. is it okay? is this going to affect him anyway as he doesn't listen to me.

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| Mar 19, 2020

Hi Namrita ! I do understand your concern. It's too early for him to get into all that. The craze for getting number of likes and follows to get social acceptance is increasing day by day. He could be doing this under peer pressure or peer guidance .please try and talk to him and explain the harmful effects of getting into all this at such a tender age .it will have an impact on his performance too. also many cases have come into light of children getting hurt while making live videos. So, please do warn him and if need be take help of his father in explaining to him.

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