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Aug 14, 2015

Hi, My daughter is 6 yes old. I am working woman. My daughter does not like going to birthday parties or playing outdoor with other kids. She likes to play with kids at our home or with kids on our floor or the houses on our floor. She is socializes at school. No complaints from there. For social functions she is comfortable only if I am around or my husband or my in laws. She does not even like to go to her best friends house or her cousins house. She insists on I am being there full time.

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Preeti Lavatre

| Aug 19, 2015

I think this behaviour is quite natural. she is still a kid. As you r working u are not around when she is at home/Creche. Mostly child at this age wants a protection and need sense of security everytime everywhere. She is quite small to go alone to a new place. Its too early to expect their independent behaviour. I also work and my daughter behaves similarly she needs my company to enjoy her childhood, to understand different people around. i personally think we should never compare them with other children each child is different. Try to understand what they like and never force them against their wish.

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Parentune Support

| Aug 17, 2015

Hi Preeti You may read this blog- https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/my-child-is-shy-what-do-i-do/497

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