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Oct 29, 2012

MY son is 2. 3years old. He refuses to mingle with other kids. I have put him in a playschool so that he will get used to being around kids. But still the problem persists. Please can anyone suggest a remedy for this problem .How do i make him play with other kids?

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| Nov 08, 2012

Thanks a lot ann! I am feeling much relieved now .I will definitely try act on your suggestions.

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| Nov 01, 2012

Thanks a lot everyone for sharing your views!It made me feel better. To answer your questions ann -1. yes my child looks into my eyes directly while communicating. 2. he has started speaking in the last 2 mnths but before that he used to pont out to things. 3. Yes he keeps on playing on his own ...with cars and even with kitchen utensils... he even keeps on speaking to them .4.He is not a fussy chid.. a calm one i must say. even if he throws tantrums he calms down pretty quickly.

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| Oct 30, 2012

Hi Ketaki. Children go through different phases of social development. Around the age of 2 years,they are more comfortable playing independently among a group of children. I think after the age of 3 years,they get a little comfortable playing with other kids and may even have a 'best friend'. I have seen the change with my daughter,who is 3. 5 years now. Playschool is a good way of getting them used to being with other children. Is any other child who he enjoys playing with? Say a neighbour or your friend's child? Maybe you could occasionally have them over to your house so that your son can play with them in a familiar surrounding of his home and may enjoy it. Children of his age are still learning, so it might take a while for him to be comfortable playing with other children.

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Neetu Ralhan

| Oct 30, 2012

Hi Ketaki! I have an 11 year old boy at home and the socialising issues still crop up from time to time :) Here's what I have done in the past... it worked. 1. Putting my child in a play school is my effort to have him mingle with new little people. However have I prodded the child to know why he does not like to play with other kids. 2. I need to sit with my child and gently try to get small bits of information out. 3. The reasons I have encountered : A past experience of being bullied by another little boy / Not been invited to play by anyone ever - and never been told at home that we dont need to wait for other kids to invite us. Go out and make friends. 4. We never want to believe that our child could be behaving inappropriately , causing other kids to maintain distance. You may want to explore that :) 5. Single children are pampered - like mine was in a joint family - a superiority feeling perhaps!. 6. Observe him with other kids - you will get most answers.

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