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Updated on Sep 13, 2015

Which food i hv to give him in morning,afternoon,evening n what type of food. I hv a 8months baby. how many times on a day. I m a totally breastfeeding mother

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| Sep 14, 2015

Hi Priti Bhawan! Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended till 6 months. After that u can begin with semi solid food and by the time child is one year, he can be served mashed, steamed ,stewed solid food as well. To begin with u could give dal water, rice water, cerelac, porridge with lots of milk (sweet) or porridge with moong dal (salted), etc. Please ensure following pointers: 1. Make sure child is hungry while trying a dish and there is a gap of at least 1and a half to 2 hours between two feeds. 2. Try one dish at a time for few days. He might not like at the very first attempt,u could keep trying it for few days. 3. Make the child sit upright before serving so that he doesn't choke himself,preferably on a high chair. 4. U could narrate a story or sing rhymes along so that he associates feeding time with fun time and looks forward to it. 5. Please avoid force feeding the child. With repeated attempts he will like the taste. 6. U could give dal/rice water at around mid morning and evening as well and then move on to some other dish after 3 or 4 days. 7. please avoid giving dinner after 9pm. Preferably by 7 or 7. 30 pm infant should be served with dinner so that he is able to digest it. 8. After few days u could introduce another dish in the mid morning and say dal/rice water can be given in the evening. 9.. It is advisable to continue with breastfeed also. Hope this helps.

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