son not eating solid food

1 to 3 years

Created by Pratiksha Ambawat
Updated on Aug 04, 2017

my son is 4yrz old still on liquid food he doesn eat solid not evn biscuits chocolates...... wt should I giv him nd hw should I make him eat solid food

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| Aug 04, 2017

hi Pratiksha! children do this as we have been feeding them smashed, semi solid food since childhood due to the fear of choking or vomiting. don't worry Pratiksha , take baby steps. take one day at a time and start feeding him soft solid food to begin with such as idli, dosa, upma, poha , vermicelli, uttapam , wada , cheela, pancakes etc. give small bites and praise him when he eats it. serve him meals on dining table and show him how to chew it . gradually give him chapati dipped in dal. if he pukes or make faces don't panic. keep trying ..he will learn sooner or later.. hope this helps!

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| Aug 04, 2017

Hi Pratiksha, did you mean your son is 4 yr old and having only liquids ?

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