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son not interested in conversation age 3 .5 yrs

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Nov 08, 2016

my son goes to pre kg and answers all questions regarding his studies.. knows all spellings from apple to zebra and can also read statements from books words but when it comes to conversation, he does not respond... like when i ask how many friends u have in school etc? his teachers n my paediatric said he is fine but i m getting restless coz he hardky talks . even if i keep talking to him, he doesnt react

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| Nov 08, 2016

Hi Sanjukta, when your son comes back from school, share your day with him. Did anything interesting happen at home in his absence? Anything that you feel might get him interested. Once you will talk about your day with him, he will also share his with you and that's how you strike a conversation with him.

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| Nov 09, 2016

hi Sanjukta ! a 3. 5 year old knows all the spellings from Apple to zebra while usually children of this age are still struggling with recognition and phonetics . You are blessed with a super genius child. on the other hand he doesnt talk much which could be a cause of concern. please help him share his thoughts. talk to him on subjects other than studies. take him out everyday to park and let him involve himself in free play. help him be a part of play group with kids of his age . invite his friends home for a play date. ask him everyday how his day was, his choices, his views on various topics. give him opportunities to open up. slow down a bit on studies. let him relax as he might get bored and finally give up after few years. hope this helps!

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