Son throws everything on the floor

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Aug 20, 2015

My Son throws everything on the floor which is in his hands be it be expensive decorative, glass utensils, phones, TV and AC remotes. He loves the sounds which comes when the object hits the floor. We have tried to make him understand many a times that throwing is a bad habit but he doesn't understand that. If we scold him or talk to him seriously then either he cries or ignore us and continue playing. Pls suggest how can we handle this.

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| Aug 20, 2015

Hi Tina, Believe me this is just a phase and will pass with time. At this age kids love to throw things because they want to see the reaction(of their activity as well as family members). This is just a fun filled activity for them. Just explain him the reason why not to do this. believe me he understands that but doesnt show. if u keep telling him without scolding then he'll leave this habit soon. hope this helps.

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