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son wants eat to ready made chips

7 to 11 years

Created by Aarti Chaurasia
Updated on Aug 18, 2017

my 8 years son ko mai her eatable things dilati hoon... what ever he wants on spot.... Then he eating chips in school ...when he gets acidity after eating chips.. condition go to till injection... He eating chips how I couldn't find ....i never give him money... what should I do?

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| Aug 18, 2017

Very very thanks Shikha ji

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| Aug 18, 2017

hi Aarti Chaurasia ! u need to talk to him at length. make sure when u r talking to him, u r not blaming him or judging him. u could also involve his father or any other adult whom he respects and listens to.. share with him videos or do some research with him on how chips could spoil his health. what adverse effects these have on his body and what it can do in future. Aarti he's become addicted to it, so it will take time to get rid of this habit. also make sure the time he usually feels the urge to have chips, keep him occupied with an activity or involve him in Cooking or any task that is of his interest . give him a smiley, or star sticker on avoiding chips for a week. on collection of seven such stickers give him a reward such as a privelege of extra 10 Minutes play time. u could also talk to his teachers who could in turn warn his classmates not to offer him chips. Aarti u could also make him speak to yr family doctor. i am sure with yr persistent efforts , patience and love he would come around soon.

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