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Updated on Feb 14, 2017

hi.. my sons 12 years old... and he stays with my parents as I am a single mother working in a different city... He is studying in one of the best school. though I understand he's in an adolescence phase, the amount of arrogance and indiscipline that has crept in,is alarming... i am simply unable to keep him in control.. the worst part is that he's trying to escape studies in school as well as at home,with some excuse or the other... how can I get him back to track?? he's a very intelligent and bright child!

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| Feb 15, 2017

hi Ena Goswami! I understand your concerns! it's time that you talk at length with your sons and discuss under what circumstances u have to stay away from them and how difficult it is for u to manage like this. what u expect from them and if they fail to listen and mend their ways what is that u will have to do. for instance u will have to leave your job, come back and stay with them which would mean cut down on expenses and all priveleges that they have been enjoying. Ena u need to be more involved and keep a track of their everyday progress by being in constant touch with them . make the most of weekends and spend quality time with them. at this stage u need to be more strict and firm towards them. I know it's difficult to manage but this is a crucial stage of their life which can make or break their career in future. so take command and fasten your seat belts to play a much stronger and smarter role. hope this helps!!

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