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Sound phobia

7 to 11 years

Created by Pankaj Verma
Updated on Jul 02, 2017

hi, my son is very afraid of high pitch sound like crackers, balloon bursting. even if he sees unblowed balloon starts crying. Also he is very emotional. tears are always on tip of his eyes. Pls suggest what to do n how to deal ?

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| Jul 02, 2017

hi Pankaj Verma! yes I do comprehend your concern,and understand how difficult it must be for u to handle him in such a situation. fear of loud noise is not uncommon in children. first and foremost it's essential that u let him know that u understand he is fearful of loud noise. by sweeping the matter under the carpet and telling the child,' u r a grown up , how can you be fearful, it's nothing ' would further add to his miseries.. secondly, once u have identified his fear, avoid forcing him again and again to that situation he is fearful of ,to show him it's not that bad as he thinks. rather help him deal with it by giving him earmuffs, or earplugs or avoiding loud noises or inflating balloons in front of him. thirdly give him time to overcome the fear himself. I am sure he will overcome the phobia on his own as time passes by. Pankaj ji give him your support by understanding him better and making him feel better by dealing with things at his own pace and as per his own comfort level. hope this helps!

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| Jul 02, 2017

Hello Pankaj... your son doesn't like high pitched sound which is very normal... many grown up people also don't like cacophony. He likes soothing sounds... he has a refined choice. Don't force him... he will learn to cope up with all odd sounds slowly. Being emotional is considered a good quality.. as it includes kindness,sympathy etc. Only a strong person has the courage to express his/her emotions. What you have to take care... that is teach him how to control his emotional reactions. He is too young Pankaj... give him time. You are an excellent father.. He will definitely be a poised and charming boy under your care and observation.

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