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speach. hi mommies. my little baby boy age is 2 yrs 6 months running. he can only speak fewwords like amma, aunty, ammamma,thata,atha ,bye,evvu.. etc.

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Created by Sudhakar Babu
Updated on Mar 17, 2017

am worrying abt his speach late. is he normal or i need to consult doc. please share your exp.... i used to tell words but he is not repeating,he always interested in playing with cars and rhymes. so he is nt concentrating on my words not repeating. we r staying inBangalore but we r telugu people. that is also a prblm or wats the reason .we r a small family me my husband and my son. my husband wrks in nts and day time he used to sleep. me and my son only spending the time. am worrying abt my sons spech delay...

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| Apr 30, 2017

hi kalpana thank u for u r advice. surely i will follow. his hearing is good. he understands everything what iam saying. if i got angry on him he understands that situation and he will be clam. but he is nt responding his name and he is not repeating the words which iam nt telling. whats the prblm am getting the point and i dnt know how to improve his speach.

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| Apr 30, 2017

Hi Sudhakar my baby is 2. 10years now he start to speak. I will suggest you one thing if he ask you some thing try to complete his sentence for example if say water then you have to say give me a water after some time he also repeat the sentence. try to increase his vocabulary and ask him what is this? try to talk to him . if it's not working consult with your doctor. your baby respond in his name or not? he understand what you are saying?

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| Mar 18, 2017

ok thank u puloma i will follow u r advice. daily am trying to talk with him. he is nt trying to repeat.. iam nr able to understand y he is nt trying to repeat.

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| Mar 17, 2017

Hi Sudhakar, talk with him as much as possible. Take him out to the parks or neighbours house. Introduce him to the children of his age. some kids starts late but after few months you have to look for his school and up to that time he needs to learn at least his name , father's and mother's name his address. even if doesnot repeats keep talking with him. If its not working you can once consult with your doctor.

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