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Speach Problem My Kid is 3. 10 month old, suddenly from past 20 days he is not able to speak properly, like he has started stammering say if he want to say "papa i want water" he was say "pa pa pa pa pa papa i want watel"(he is also not able to pronou


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Jun 05, 2013

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| Jun 06, 2013

Thank u Gaurima and Shikha for replying. In my case also i also had my second child when elder one was just 1. 4 years. bonding between both the kids is great they play together, they are concerned for each other. the problem is Our DOC has suggested to make stress free environment, the stress come when both of them fight. really don't know how to handle that. My Dr. says not to talk in loud voice. and Both the kids don't listen until n unless i shout at them while fighting. my younger son is very naughty and he provokes him to fight,he pushes him, try to sit on him just to make him play with him. we have changed our behavior i try my best not to shout or scold specially my elder son who is having problem of stammering. Would like to mention that he gets better after a few days but if any incident happens or some stress is there his situation becomes the same, but since a day he a bit better he is sometimes speaking small sentences without any problem. and sometimes he is stammering. thought we all are very much aware that we should not shout or talk in loud voice. i really appreciate your concern thanks a lot again ...

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Shikha Batra

| Jun 06, 2013

I completely agree with Gaurima ! Gr8 suggestions given. I can also share a case where a child was sent to grandparents house during childhood years as d mother was unable to take care of d child due to second immediate conception. so when this child grew up he came out to be brilliant in studies but used to stutter a lot awhile speaking n used to avoid words so as to avoid embarrassment. He started stuttering all d more when after 9-10 years he started staying with d parents. As that bond could not be formed between siblings n father n son, one could feel lot of tension around him to prove himself n even adjust. So if that's the case with ur child please try n find out possible cause of his worry, work on it n help him out.

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| Jun 06, 2013

Dear Varun , I can understand your concern and appreciate your observations. Though I didn't encounter this problem with my own children but one of my cousin had a similar experience as of yours. I can provide you some information based on that. >>> Stuttering many a times is normal in pre-schoolers till the age of five, many a times it happens in phases and can go away on its own :) >>> Stuttering can be mild, moderate or severe. >>> As the name of the categories suggest mild stuttering is perfectly normal and happens with small children while experimenting with learning new words etc. >>> A child with milder stuttering repeats sounds more than twice, li-li-li-li-like this - (I find this evident in your case). Tension and struggle may be evident in the facial muscles, especially around the mouth. >>> when a child stutters on more than 10% of his speech, stutters with considerable effort and tension, or avoids stuttering by changing words and using extra sounds to get started, we can call it severe. Here, Complete blocks of speech are more common than repetitions or prolongations. Suggestions given by your DOC are great. You can help more by creating an atmosphere around him where in all members of the family talk in slow and relaxed speech while talking among themselves and when talking with your child. Avoid to speak so slowly that it sounds abnormal, but keep it unhurried, with many pauses. U can try listening to your child with undivided attention so your child can talk about whatever is on his mind without any pressure of speaking fast. Your patient, accepting attitude will help him immensely. Effortless repetitions or prolongations of sounds are the healthiest form of stuttering. Anything that helps your child stutter like this instead of stuttering tensely or avoiding words is helping. Last but not the least HUG him often :) Reassure him that many people get stuck while speaking so He IS ABSOLUTELY Perfect and normal.

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