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Updated on Jun 09, 2016

aradya have many mistaks to speak

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| Jun 09, 2016

Every child is different and has different milestone to reach have patience and spend more time with the child and keep talking to her and encourage her to reply in complete sentence instead of one word.

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| Jun 16, 2016

Well be patient with your little one, each kid has their own time & pace to reach milestones. All you can do is encourage your child to speak, here are few things that worked in my baby's case and hope it helps you too. Talk to your toddler as often as you can, use short sentences in your speech. You can also repeat back what you hear your toddler trying to say like for example if your child says 'nana' you can complete the sentence by saying yes here's a banana. Encourage her to speak more. Use your actions accompanies with short sentences like while removing shoes say' Take off your shoes' while picking toys from floor say 'Pick up toys'. Show her lot of books with pictures and make her speak fruit names, animal names or body parts. Touch your nose and say nose and let her repeat after you. These small things done regularly can make a lot of difference and encourage your child to speak.

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