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Updated on Jun 07, 2016

my child stamers n he does more whn excited. I hv shn him to a speech therapy.. but could continue various exercises for a long time.. pl help.. how to control it. now he is six years old. ...

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| Jun 08, 2016

Hi Arundhuti Mitra ! How r u! Speech related issues can be very upsetting for parents and challenging as well as frustrating for kids with stammering. As u have mentioned u have already consulted a speech therapist but are unable to follow exercises suggested. It is advisable to follow the experts advise completely for better results. Secondly please make sure u don't let your frustration pass on to your child by considering it your or his fault and punishing yourself as well as him for it. Thirdly, lay less demands on him to perform in front of a group of people or by asking questions frequently. Let him be . Fourthly, never compare him with sibling or cousins or friends who speak properly. This will demotivate him furthermore. fifthly, avoid correcting him while talking to him. Just Repeat the sentence correctly. Sixthly, talk at a slow pace while conversing with him but avoid asking him to slow down. Last but not the least shower your love on him, praise him liberally alongwith your hugs , pats , kisses . Arundhti I am sure he will come around once he sees that hope in you that' he can do it. ' Hope this helps!

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| Jun 07, 2016

My problem is also same... my son of 5 years stammers a lot... what should I do... ?

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