Speech delay

1 to 3 years

Created by Vidhi Sheth
Updated on Feb 09, 2016

My son is 2yrs and 3 months and has just started talking though his vocabulary is limited and certain words are not very clear I wanted to take him to a speech therapist somewhere near ghatkoapr area Kindly give me ur suggestions

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| Apr 22, 2016

My son is 2y8m he speaks few words n repeats what we say. But unable to tell what he needs through words. What to do?Any suggestions pls..

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| Feb 10, 2016

My son started speaking when he was 9-10 months old. I think mom and family members are the best therapist for a child & external help should come into play only in extreme case. Suggest to be very expressive and talk to your child for anything everything around him/her. We usually think that at this age, they may not understand what we speak but honestly, they catch very fast and will teach you the same in coming time. Spend as much time as you can... Prompt your child to pronounce objects around and ask them to follow you ... After 2-3 attempts of yours, they will pay attention to your lips movement and try and replicate the same... While each child has his/her own timetable to progress, but they certainly learn themselves provided enough involvement is there. My son did not walk till 1. 5 yrs but I just kept practising him with different and innovative ideas and one sudden day, he started.. Never thought of taking him to any doc though.... Just that each child is unique.. More the repetitive the exposure, better and faster they would be. Hope this helps

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| Feb 10, 2016

Hi Vidhi, I too went to the speech therapist yesterday as my child is 21 months old. The Doctor told me that dese days the child gets bored if he is in nuclear family, and all the electronic gadgets like TV

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| Feb 09, 2016

Even I need help on this problem.

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