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Updated on Oct 31, 2017

hi my son is 2. 11 months old. his speech is delayed although he goes to school. speaks counting from 1 to 10, abc, parts of body, animal names etc but still except these words he didnt speaks much. Thts why its difficult to disciplane him .Also he is very hyperactive child. Should we consult speech therapist. dont know how to encourage him to speaks because he listens to us only when he wish too.

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| Oct 31, 2017

hi Shruti Kumar ! u can definitely consult a speech therapist.. who would help with tips to enhance his language. u could try and ask questions to the child and expand his answers and carry on with the conversation .for instance if u ask him , are you hungry? he says 'yes' so u can say ' kush is hungry', okay how much hungry are you? he would show in gesture. u can say oh my baby is very hungry.. so carry on like this.... praise him when he speaks sentences rather than one word answers. here is a blog, u would find useful. please go through the link given below. Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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