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Updated on Jul 27, 2016

Hi Team, my kid is 3 . 2 years old,he is healthy , he eats , plays,dance, sings well, however he is not much creative he repeats whatever we say , whatever the people in his surrounding does he tries to imitate that. But by this time he should have talk and act on his own. Which ever things he is confident he speaks well but new things he will repeat. Sometimes he will not listen to me , I don't know whether he has understood or not or he don't want to do that . I'm very much concerned n worried about my kid pls suggest me wat I can do. I planned to take him to a doctor but my family members stopped to go. The appreciative thing is he knows more than 40 rhymes, identifies more than 6 different cars, all vehicles , fruits ,vegetables, numbers, alphabets,academically he is very good but speech s delayed I think.

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| Jul 27, 2016

Hi Pooja, every child is different and has different milestone to reach and he is at his own pace i dont think you should worry on this he is doing fine.

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