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Updated on May 19, 2017

My 3 and half years old son has problem in speaking the words clearly. he speaks everything but not clear in the words that he uses. sometimes I feel maybe because we used to speak like tat with him when he was small, he also is speaking now like tat, but what's d solution for that

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| May 19, 2017

hi Sharad N Shanbhag! Hope u r doing well ! I understand your concerns. it's difficult to say whether "Motherese" is the cause behind his this kind of speech or some other reason. so please don't blame yourself and start afresh . u need to make the most of each day and set short term goals with the help of a speech language pathologist. Sharad earlier the intervention better it gets. meanwhile talk slowly in clear language with him . praise him when he speaks clearly. the alphabets in which he is facing difficulty needs to be practiced a lot. show him the placement of tongue and movement of lips when u speak to him. avoid telling him' u r wrong'. just help him repeat the word correctly. dont forget to hug and praise him when he speaks clearly. with you persistent efforts , praise and patience he would definitely come around. nothing much to worry about so cheer up and get going!

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