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Spelling Mistakes and Concentration

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Mar 16, 2018

My son is 8 years old and is in third grade . He makes a lot of spelling mistakes despite of verbally knowing them. I have tried almost everything from breaking the words , listening to him several times , writing practice etc .One day he is able to write a word correctly and another day he writes the same word incorrectly.. He is able to understand the chapters , read well, has good handwriting and does not struggle with writing, retain whatever he has learnt but is just not able to improve on the spelling part. He struggles in both English and Hindi spellings. Also I am facing problem in making him concentrate. Pls help me out . let me know what could be the best way to teach him to learn spellings and concentrate more.

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| Mar 16, 2018

hi Charu Manchanda! try and teach him phonics(sounds of alphabets). give him everyday practice.. make it interesting by use of magnetic alphabets,or plastic ones.. keep switching vowels and show the difference in sound and meaning of words. for instance:in tap 'a' has a short sound while in tape 'a' has a long sound.. keep giving examples from day to day life. let him read age appropriate books of his interest. let him play with words and keep on adding or removing alphabets to make new words. let him have a dairy of his own wherein he can write new words learnt , tehri meaning and make his own sentences with its use.

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