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Updated on Sep 15, 2017

Asha’s two kids LOVED their young nanny, Lata. In fact, Asha often felt like her kids loved their nanny more than they loved her. "Lata must have picked up on my feelings," explains Asha, "because Mother's Day that year was quite special. " Unbeknownst to Asha, Lata made plans with the kids to come over early that Sunday to help them whip up a special breakfast for mum and make cards. The children surprised Asha with breakfast in bed, as well as handprints cast in plaster which they had worked on the week before. Asha was very touched by the gesture, and she knew at that moment that she had found an awesome nanny. *** Nannies and babysitters are part of the family. They fulfil our duties towards our children in our absence. Have we cared as much about their health and wellbeing? Show that you care. Sponsor your nanny’s/babysitter’s health check now. Call 7090421234 now

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| Sep 15, 2017

hi Namrata! thanks for sharing. I completely agree with u on this, Nanny's can be God send Messengers who take ur place in ur absence at home . this would be a wonderful initiative and a small contribution towards their well being.

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