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Updated on Sep 08, 2017

This is a story of exemplary courage and selfless love. This story of love was born amidst terrorism and some of the worst times humanity has seen. On the fateful day in November 2008, when the Nariman Chabad House faced terrorist attacks, Sandra Samuels put her own life at risk to save the life of then two-year-old Moshe Holtzberg. Sandra, Moshe’s nanny, carried him to safety after rescuing him from between the dead bodies of his parents. Almost 9 years from the incident, Samuels still cares for the young Morshe, spending all her free time to be with him. She even moved countries to look after the orphaned child, leaving her own grown-up children behind in India. *** Nannies and babysitters are part of the family. They fulfil our duties towards our children in our absence. Have we cared as much about their health and wellbeing? Show that you care. Sponsor your nanny’s/babysitter’s health check now. Call 7090421234 now for special rates

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| Sep 08, 2017

thanks for sharing Namrata!

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